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more poems
Not sure how many people will actually read these, though I just wanted to share what I've done and maybe get some feedback about them. I have about 12 or so of these that I've done, though I will just post a couple of them for now. I guess if I post more later I will just post them here.

I called this one "Jail", and yeah I know I didn't use proper upper case letters but sometimes I get in a mood where I just don't care about that

trapped in this sadness and stuck in this hell
i've become locked in what is my own personal cell
i look for a way out though there's nothing i can see
the door is locked tight with apparently no key
it seems i'll just stay here and forever be alone
trapped in this hell for myself that i've sewn

hoping that the stitching on my bars will turn frail
so i can finally fight my way out of this jail
but it looks like what i've sewn is just way too strong
now i wonder if this was just my destiny all along
maybe some day those seams will start to fray
though i guess until then it seems i'm here to stay

as i sit here in my cage my mind falls to despair
then i wonder how much more of this pain i can bear
is it still possible i could some day be saved
or is it too late, and my road was already paved
hopefully some day i can look up and see the stars
for now it's all too cloudy, trapped here behind my bars

This one I simply called "Pain"

Dealing with this stress and strain from all these years of anxiety
It's taken everything away from me, and I've dealt with it quietly
At one point I kept quiet and made sure my feelings were discreet
Now I won't keep quiet, though at this point all I feel is defeat
Used to think I would climb out of this, no matter what the cost
Though now it seems that I can't find my way, and I'm simply lost

No matter what I try I just can't seem to fight through my fear
And in that process it seems I've lost everything I hold dear
For years I've actually felt this was the results of some curse
But I don't see any way to escape, unless maybe inside of a hearse
Then again one of the thoughts that I fear most is that of death
So I guess I'm stuck this way until I can finally take my last breath

Sadness haunts me, and I don't think happiness is in the cards that I hold
Depression has taken over, and I'm ready to just lay down my cards and fold
Maybe things will change, and some day I could be dealt a whole new hand
If it's going to happen I hope it's soon, not sure how much more I can stand
All of this has beaten me down, and there's no way that I can pretend
Because I just want to rest and be done, I just want all of this to end
I appreciate your poems. I would post mine, but they aren't related to loneliness.

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