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I have been trying to change
(12-28-2018, 12:21 PM)worthless_loser Wrote: Thank you for the encouragement guys.  

I have been stumbling the past few months but I have not given up completely.  

I am just feeling down a lot.

I'm glad to see you're moving your life along, WL!

You only lose if you give up.  If you don't quit you'll either win or keep moving.
Contentment comes from within.  Do not seek it from outside yourself.

(12-29-2018, 05:11 AM)BeyondShy Wrote:
(12-28-2018, 12:21 PM)worthless_loser Wrote: I have been stumbling the past few months but I have not given up completely.  

I am just feeling down a lot.

It sounds to me that you are doing the best you can and that's great.

I have one suggestion though. Get in touch with one of the moderators here and have them change your screen name for you because each time you log in here you see "Worthless Loser" looking back at you and that is something you are not.

I agree with BeyondShy. Change your name.

The people who seem to have more going aren't better than you - they're just luckier. And some of them are actually a lot less deserving of it than you are. Instead of comparing yourself to them, try looking at those who blow up tube trains in the name of religion, or rape and kill because they enjoy inflicting pain on others. Those that bully, or steal, or commit violent acts out of rage and jealousy.

Unless you fall into any of these categories, you are definitely one of the best of humanity. I challenge you to change your name to 'best of humanity' - see what happens. You might actually start thinking it. You probably think I'm talking a load of bollocks, but try it. See what happens. Smile
To quote a popular werewolf film - 'Everyone's cursed.  It's called life'
You’re not a worthless loser.

I’m a worthless loser.

Compared to me your up there with Einstein, Churchill and Alan Partridge (english joke) and the likes.

Even the cats got a grade 6 heart murmur round here.

I’m off to stare at my phone, must check my emails, 6 months ago I had an interesting one and today could be my lucky day.

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