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What are you dreams/goals in life?
This old post has come alive again with quite a variety of strange but interesting responses.  My Christian perspective may be different, but no less applicable to the OP's question.

I've been blessed with an extraordinary career and life, but most of that is history now, leaving me with more sobering dreams and goals for my remaining years.

Like most folks here, I still dream of finding a compatible mate to share life with, and as a world-wide vagabond, I dream of finding the right place to settle down.  With age and wisdom though, my primary goals have changed.  I now seek to become the person that God intended me to be and to pursue my life with that purpose, understanding that eternal things are far more important than temporary things.  When we leave this world, I believe that we'll all meet Jesus and face a life review (as many near death experiences indicate).  I want him to give me a powerful loving hug and say "Well done; welcome home." 

When one understands that this life is just a temporary training ground for the real eternal one to come, and that what we do here and now affects that future, God's purpose for us becomes the most important goal.  I understand most here will dismiss that view, but for anyone wanting to know or better understand that purpose, I think Rick Warren best explains it with this lengthy but excellent sermon:

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