Poll: When you encounter people begging for money, do you give your hard-earned cash away?
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Donations to individuals
Some people are very empathetic and make significant donations when they encounter homeless people begging on the sidewalk or subway.  Other people say that beggars are basically robbing you with your consent.  They can use the money for whatever purpose they want, good or bad.  They may lie about how poor they are; because they are strangers, you'll never know where your money really went.

I make significant donations to beggars sometimes.  My appetite has decreased a lot lately, so I gave away money that I was going to spend on food.  Let someone who really needs the food, enjoy it Smile

What's your opinion?
The homeless people aren't as obvious in my area. Yes, there are some, but because its a small area, it's not nearly as obvious as in a big city. I have given money to individuals, but not often, because of what I said before. I do, however, give money to soup kitchens, volunteer when I can and give clothes and whatnot to homeless shelters.

If I did live in a big city, I would probably be more inclined to give them actual food than money, but if I had none, I would probably give a little. You know, I have a friend who puts together homeless care packages. Just little things like snacks and little travel size soaps, juice boxes, and whatnot in a little brown lunch bag and would carry a few with her when she went out. Maybe you could also do something like that.
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