Poll: When you encounter people begging for money, do you give your hard-earned cash away?
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Donations to individuals
Some people are very empathetic and make significant donations when they encounter homeless people begging on the sidewalk or subway.  Other people say that beggars are basically robbing you with your consent.  They can use the money for whatever purpose they want, good or bad.  They may lie about how poor they are; because they are strangers, you'll never know where your money really went.

I make significant donations to beggars sometimes.  My appetite has decreased a lot lately, so I gave away money that I was going to spend on food.  Let someone who really needs the food, enjoy it Smile

What's your opinion?
The homeless people aren't as obvious in my area. Yes, there are some, but because its a small area, it's not nearly as obvious as in a big city. I have given money to individuals, but not often, because of what I said before. I do, however, give money to soup kitchens, volunteer when I can and give clothes and whatnot to homeless shelters.

If I did live in a big city, I would probably be more inclined to give them actual food than money, but if I had none, I would probably give a little. You know, I have a friend who puts together homeless care packages. Just little things like snacks and little travel size soaps, juice boxes, and whatnot in a little brown lunch bag and would carry a few with her when she went out. Maybe you could also do something like that.
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I'm in a very small area, so there isn't exactly people begging in the street. But I still give a lot. It is quite easy to go into a business and pay for a meal (everyone knows everyone) or to get items to individuals. I like to keep my part extremely anonymous though.
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It depends on my possession.

In early 2010s, when I had more than enough for my personal survival, I willingly gave money to beggars, homeless and starving people.

But last two years my income became so small that I cannot afford give money to people.

Anyway, I think that giving money to beggars is good idea. People have to help one another. In better society, starvation must not exist.
Used to but now don't. It's almost certain that you'd be funding someone's drug or alcohol habit. Better to give them your lunch instead, assuming they want it.

There are charities that fund local shelters you can give to instead.
(11-26-2018, 05:45 PM)ardour Wrote: Used to but now don't.  It's almost certain that you'd be funding someone's drug or alcohol habit. Better to give them your lunch instead, assuming they want it.

There are  charities that fund local shelters you can give to instead.

More often than not this is true. Most homeless people have underlying mental issues and many of those issues are of the substance abuse sort. It is better to gift items, food, or to give to a shelter or charity that can buy food and other items in bulk.
Last time I gave money was to a pregnant homeless woman on the street. When I saw her shooting herself in the alley next to work a week later, I made it a point to never give again. Only exception being those who ask for money to drink. At leadt they're honest.
Where I live, you see a lot of people holding signs up looking for money or work etc... while waiting at a red light. I buy a few packages of snacks to keep in my car, and I will give those out to the people that are pan handling. I'd rather give them something to eat.... Its not much, but peanut butter and cheese crackers, pudding cups with spoons, small packages of trail mix.... Just to make sure they are getting something to eat.

I do give to charities, as well as donate clothes to goodwill, and to my work that helps to clothe families.
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