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Do i belong here?
I am alone, and very lonely
But i also quite like it, ive grown so weary of humans
I am exelent at enduring loneliness, yet it is not what i desire

I want to have a deep meaningful connection with someone, a lover
But discard everything as mundane nonsense
I have lost hundreds of people, and connecting and bonding just doesnt happen at all anymore, i cant open up like that in person anymore
And so i am lonely

Just one is what i desire, someone to be intimate with, to truly be myself and be accepted and loved for it
A fools desire falling on deaf ears
Oh well

Anyway considering this is a place for lonely souls i thought id fit right in
To me the loneliest of people appear to also be the most unique and wonderful
And i love the unique, and the wonderful Smile
I feel the same but just dont share your optimism on it. It just doesnt happen for me. Everyone I ever want to be with gets snatched up before I can say a word to them.
If you're looking for a true friend or even a relationship, try not to get your hopes up. I've been on many forums and subreddits revolving around issues like loneliness and no one is befriending each other or becoming less lonely. Heck, try playing matchmaker with two lonely people on a date, I guarantee it wouldn't work out. Being lonely is a big issue, which is why I think lonely people tend to not be that compatible with each other.

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