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Is/Was anyone a programmer?
I am looking for a job.  So far I have learned basic HTML, CSS, and Javascript but I am still learning how to make things with them.

What is it like doing Programming for a living?  Does anyone have advice for someone starting out? 

Freelancing from home seems to be my only option currently as I have transportation problems. 

So if anyone has tried that I would be interested in hearing from that perspective as well.
I took it in school, learned Basic, DOS and C+. No one told me that you would constantly have to go back to school to up your education all of the time. In fact while I was in college taking the course C++ was just new but we had to pay to take the course if we wanted to learn it. A new programming language and while in a computer programming course they were making us pay extra to learn something that should have been part of curriculum. I liked it, it was fun but I hate school and didn't want to spend the rest of my life constantly going back at the time. It wasn't for me.

Make sure this is something you really want to get in to and I suggest talking to school counselors to make sure you fully understand what you are getting into.
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