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Hey All

what you think guys all family member should live together. It is useless or fruitful. How do you feel and think about real relations like father, mother, brother & sister especially in the light of current society where peoples stay scattered, feel alone, sad and are under depression.
There's a moment, not as early as society thinks, where staying home with your parents will prevent you from developing various skills, live important experiences and it'll feel harder and harder to leave the comfort zone.
You can have a close knit family without living together. And as Selene said, staying at home can prevent you from gaining valuable life skills and lessons.

Besides, living with people, family or otherwise does NOT guarantee you won't be lonely.
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Depends on the family. Some people have good families, others who should be sent and dropped by helicopter smack dab in the middle of the Russian Tundra without water.
But if you have a good relationship, staying with your family if they are down with that is a splendid idea.
The importance of those relationships you mentioned are important, yes. But, there is a time where kids need to leave explore life on their own and make new connections. They need to live alone for a time to mature even more from where they were formally. However, this doesn't automatically mean that you'll end up being lonely/depressed. Sons/daughters and mothers/fathers should visit each other when they can, at least communicate online. There is no excuse for neglecting loved ones.

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