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Workman Comp. Issues
I hate Wal-Mart. Long rant ahead. I was injured on the job last year and I have concussion-type symptoms that have been bothering me for the past year. I got an assessment from a doctor they sent me to back in March. Then I haven't heard a thing. I started calling and leaving messages with my assigned case manager but months went by and he never contacted me or my doctor or my lawyer. So I started calling other extensions (if your extension is 11, I'd call 12 thinking maybe they'd share an office or something). So I guess I got through to someone because my worker actually called my wife and told her I was now under a "No contact stasis" because I was harassing them. Since he wasn't contacting me in the first place I don't know what the difference is. It's just scary when it's your brain that's not working. I do things and I don't remember them. I try talking and sometimes I just go on without making sense. I feel like the longer they ghost me and stall the worse I'm going to get. My doctor even called (of course they claimed he didn't). OK end rant.
Walmart....'nuff said. They suck. Hopefully you get some kind of worthwhile answer, but it's Walmart so don't hold your breath.
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You must work at a US Walmart, I've heard a lot of bad things about them. The only way you get anything out of them is if you are a celebrity.
Sickos never scare me. Least they're committed.  
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