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I feel that this world is going to its conclusion. Earthquakes, typhoon, Tsumani's, tornado's, valcano's around the world. You know why this happen. its just because of human behaviors. The human change the path and walking against the nature. Few will understand my logic. Bye Bye everyone this world is going to conclude.
Oh dam I made dinner plans....
Why the positivity section? Accidental?
I just thought that was funny. 😀

So when will the world be ending this time?
789,909,546,546,577th time's a charm? Club
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I thought it was supposed to end in skeletons rising from their graves and a big flaming Jesus/Jehova/Elohim/Allah/Ron Hubbard coming down to Earth smithing infidels?
Was really looking forward to spearing some zombies...

Ill tell you one thing though; youre right. If we keep screwing up the planet, it WILL end. But itll be a slow death by hunger for all of us rather than the quick and painless blink most people would like.

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