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Not Too Many People Here Huh?
I wish I'd stayed online to respond to you all!  Smile

Well, I'm not going anywhere. I'm really enjoying the support and getting to know people and hopefully helping them with their issues too. I know when people first join, it's for a reason. I guess my reason is because I felt so alone and needed to talk about my situation. I guess it's a form of talk therapy...

Thanks for all of your responses.
Talk with me Toungue
You know, they say that we never stay still. You either go forward or you either go backward
Im kind of always luriing somewhere. Dont write complex responses anymore cos...f*ck ipads lol.
Cant afford a pc yet.
(10-12-2018, 03:18 PM)Unix Wrote: Talk with me Toungue


(10-13-2018, 03:29 AM)Richard_39 Wrote: Im kind of always luriing somewhere. Dont write complex responses anymore cos...f*ck ipads lol.
Cant afford a pc yet.

I relate to that...when my laptop died last year, all I had was my cell phone with that tiny little keypad, I basically stopped typing completely until I got my laptop fixed!
(10-11-2018, 08:55 AM)Miriam1966 Wrote: Maybe I'm just desperate. I thought there may be more people to talk to on this forum?  Sad

Welcome. We're here, just that this place isn't maybe as busy as other forums.  

What are you desperate about?  Just a disclaimer, I'm an outcast, loner, not-liked personality. Yet my advice is from a life-learning maze of personal reforms, just like the mouse getting shocked touching the wall with the electrical charge. I've learned alot of stuff the hard way.

Everyone here is on the same side, except the moderators. (just kidding)

I am here too.

You aren't desperate. I feel like you, i am lonely, and alone. People keep telling me I need more gratitude. i do have gratitude, but that doesn't do anything for the fact that I would just like to be able to text or call someone and share a joke, or ask them for coffee.
i too rarely visit, but funny thing is. whenever i felt so lonely this forum always come into my mind
too bad i can't live without this one
[Image: mssci.jpg]

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