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Countdown to Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Day is Nov. 22, 2018.  You may remember tracing the shape of your hand onto a piece of paper and writing things you are grateful for on each finger, it's a very common activity for children in the U.S.

You may or may not want to do this as an adult.  If something very bad has happened to you recently, or if you are depressed, it can be very hard to feel grateful for anything.  If you feel very anxious, you can eat a delicious food and find that your stomach still hurts afterwards.  So I realize that it can be very hard to name even five things that you are grateful for.  However, I challenge everyone who reads this between now and Thanksgiving Day to reply with at least one thing that they are grateful for.  Think about that thing, or those things, every day until Thanksgiving arrives.

I'm grateful for this website that I found,  Put together by Catholics in Sweden, the articles on this site are really detailed and it's clear that the authors took a lot of care in finding the best possible sources to prove their points.  I had no idea that so much information about Catholic beliefs and practices was available to me.  I really enjoy reading well-written articles and I really enjoy learning; this website lets me do both.  I would have felt a lot worse during the past month or so, if I didn't have these long, interesting articles to read.

I'm sure that I am grateful for other things as well, but for now I can only think of that one.  I'll be back soon to see what you guys are grateful for.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

One rule for this challenge that I should have mentioned: Don't lie.  There are probably 1000s of things that you take for granted every day, I know I have a lot of those.  They don't count.  There are a lot of other things that I'm ambivalent about - I'm unsure if they actually helped me or made things worse for me.  If you're even slightly ambivalent about something, don't include it.  Only list things that you are 100% grateful for.

I'm looking forward to your replies Smile

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