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What is love?

I can honestly say to you the marriage failed because of sex. My wife sat me down at the kitchen table and said ‘well if there is no sex, there is no marriage’, her exact words, not mine. We’re there other reasons, well yes, but they were minor and could have been easily remedied, easily.

What you have to understand is this, it was my wife’s second marriage, her first husband married her, then practically refused her sex, other than the odd time, he married her for the business, he was abusive during the marriage and this went on for about 25 years, he walked off with about a million on divorce, my wife couldn’t take the abuse anymore and amazingly (still to this day) he is managing director earning
£100,000 a year of the family owned company, which my wife is a shareholder of.

I’m not going to post on this thread again, because it’s getting bogged down and going off topic.

My thoughts.

• I don’t people will be able to define love.

• I don’t think you can love anyone other than your wife. I think in many ways marrying someone is sort of the expression of love, making and holding to a commitment for life and of course being faithful etc etc etc. Is in many ways an expression of love in many ways.

• I don’t think you can divorce sex and love, I don’t think you can discuss love and not see the importance of sex. In many ways is not sex (within marriage to your wife) an expression of love.

Not convinced here, but that’s the way I see it.

I don’t think I love Rosie or my wife, with my wife my hand was forced, there’s was nothing I could do. I simply care for them. In the same way as I care for my step children, my immediate family, the feelings are just the same.

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