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Tired of all of this
Last year the mother of my fiancés kids passed away. Ever since then our lives have been a living hell. The grandmother, who often watched the kids during the week (during mothers visitation) picked up the kids and filed for custody. My fiancé is not on their birth certificates nor was there a court order. Over the almost year it took to have a custody hearing we've had to deal with the grandparents bad mouthing us in front of the kids and trying to isolate nd brainwash them in to hating us. Finally over a year after the mother passed, we got the custody results which were in our favor. Grandmother didn't like that and filed paperwork stating that him and I have been sexually abusing his daughter. The daughter is interviewed and says the my fiancé and his parents have been abusing her. She was successfully brainwashed and had lied in the custody hearing and during her final therapy session. Luckily those lies were caught. We just got word that cyf finds the abuse founded based off the interview with his daughter. They did not interview my fiancé nor did they seem to take in to account  that the daughter has lied previously, that it's weird that I'm suddenly not involved anymore, and that the other county cyf seems to think the accusations against his parents are clearly farcical. We haven't been able to see or speak to his kids in over two months and now we have to spend more money fora criminal attorney and wait for the appeal hearing for cyfs decision. This clearly mentally ill lady is getting everything she wants and I honestly feel like giving up on everything. Karma doesn't exist.
Oh boy, this is why I absolutely believe that accusations of that kind should be taken seriously but definitely not outright believed from the get-go.

I don't have any advice for you but hope things come right.
I really hate this kind of garbage .Using kids as weapons is low and is abuse as far as I'm concerned.  We all know abuse isn't always physical.  I wish I could offer words of wisdom or encouragement. Anyone involved in this kind of situation is in for a tough time no matter the outcome.  I hope you get a speedy and just resolution.
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