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I am tired and I want to give up
(11-14-2018, 12:04 PM)worthless_loser Wrote: I feel depressed again.
I feel like I am trapped in a box and can't escape my problems but that's all I want to do.

I was doing good for a while.  I went back to learning again but I ran into a problem that I am having trouble solving.
I stopped for a few days.  Then I tried to learn another way to make money without spending money.
It still required work but no money to start up.  At first I was kind of motivated but now that I am closer to finishing I feel
afraid and depressed again.  I felt the same way when I came here the first time.

I have been trying to learn a skill so I can make money and hopefully fix my life.
It seems so futile.  I'm just tired.

I keep moping about my problems and the only thing I can do to stop it is distract myself (video games, music, daydreaming).
I wish I could just run away from everythmake

I've been having similar feelings lately. I've been unemployed and looking for work this past year, but have been unsuccessful. It's so frustrating and demoralizing. I just want to get something that pays well enough, so that I can get back to just living and being able to make the changes I really want to make to my life.

Making friends, maybe going on dates, seeing places and living your best life, as they say, is kinda difficult when you're unemployed. Besides not having much money, you're embarrassed.

Running away from everything sounds good, but I've sort of tried that before by changing my job and moving somewhere else. Unfortunately, my problems followed me.

Have you tried seeing someone before? I've seen a few psychiatrists over the years, but only one of them really helped me. I've been thinking about alternatives today. Maybe a life coach? I wonder if they are any good.

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