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Sega games
To those of you who had a sega when they were younger - what was the most memorable game for you?

Mine had to be the Sonic the Hedgehog games.  I loved them - never stopped playing them. I still remember the scary 'drowning' music to this day.
To quote a popular werewolf film - 'Everyone's cursed.  It's called life'
My favourite SEGA games:

1) Sonic the Hedgehog: it is pretty difficult game with bright colors and memorable music.

2) Comix Zone: an action game with very good graphics.

3) Streets of Rage: one of the best fighting games for SEGA.

4) Jungle Strike: a helicopter-based shooter with very interesting gameplay.

5) Golden Age II: a fighting with swords and adventures in ancient times, has exceptionally good soundtracks.

6) Road Rash 3: a racing on motorcycles, has interesting gameplay and memorable music.

7) Power Monger: a medieval times strategy; gameplay is very primitive, graphics are ugly but the game was nevertheless interesting because there was no other strategies of such a type on SEGA.

8) Dune: a great and popular strategy in other planet in future; has decent graphics and interesting gameplay but is too easy, so even a not very skillful player can kill all enemies and conquer the planet.

9) Master of Weapon: a cosmic shooter with decent graphics and amazing soundtracks.

10) Mortal Kombat III: the best fighting on SEGA.

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