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Poetry Slam!!!
This is starting to become a beautiful thread ❤️
Nothing great but I feel it's appropriate for the site...

I wish I was a normal man
With normal dreams and normal plans
With normal moods that'd ebb and flow 
In synch with those I've come to know.
I wish this life could just reset
So all this gloom I could forget.
I see these people every day
Go on with life in every way
And envy fills my every cell.
Thoughts of harm would do them well.
No sadness creeps into their lives
Depression does not agonize.
They find such joy in little things
Why can't they see it means nothing?
Why can't they see the world like me
So that I'd have some company?
So that I'd have a friend or two
To talk about our feeling blue.
To talk about oncoming death
As we share our loneliness.

Deep down I know it's all in vein
I'm meant to be so full of pain.
I'm meant to be all on my own.
I'm meant to be so much alone.
Lost in a winter with no spring
Trapped in a life not worth living.
That was awesome black manta. I love how it rhymed all the way through.

As for the subject matter, I am sorry you have to feel so alone. I hope writing and posting this helped in some wat vent some feelings. If not, feel free to hit me up if you wanna chat about whatever.

Nice effort 🙌
I am stuck, I don’t know me
I am alone, isolated. I am not free
Who am I, is this a dream?
I have no mouth, and I must scream
The sun is setting and so are my thoughts
Gold turns to black, my heart is charred
Under the cracks it beats, it is so hard
An excuse, a lie, a fabrication of my mind, weak is what I am
The sun is setting, my heart shuts down
The tears running down my face, invisible to all but me
I yearn for love, for companionship, love does not exist
A visor with which we see life, imaginary
I cry and cry and cry, a vacuum is what I see
The designer, the creator, the arbitrator of my misery
I am killing myself, this self, the self I am
I am of another, a construct, a lie
Where is I?, help, please i am going to die
I AM DYIIING PLE-…..i am fine
When you look at someone through rose colored glasses, all the red flags just look like flags
Who can love me
Do I even deserve it?
What do I do?
I coddle and support
Sincerity is my commodity
I am a coward a sociopath a liar
Its weighing me down
I cant leave, I wont leave, I choose not to leave
The truth is ugly, blunt, and necessary
I am a façade in a charade
I meander as the artist
My needs are animal
From a sophisticate,  I am farthest
I want to be happy, I am sick
My mind is damaged, broken, ruined
Yet I pretend
I am disgusting
When you look at someone through rose colored glasses, all the red flags just look like flags

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