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why do i have to give this thread a subject?
That's awesome rainbows, way to go. 😀
Update, since I've been feeling a bit better. There's a whole entire story I can't post on the forum to keep my own privacy, but anyway - let's go.

I've been proactively inviting my friends to go out with me.

here goes:

person 1:
me: do you want to go out for coffee sometime maybe? ^_^
them: yes! let's meet next week!

(we are meeting next week)

person 2 (I barely know this person, hahaha):
them: you and me???
me: yes
them: sure!!!!

(going out for dinner next week)

person 3 (my former boss):
me: i miss you
them: no one misses me
me: i do, you just never have time
them: *proposes date to hang out*

(hanging out)

Today I spent three hours talking with someone I don't actually know that well, but for the past few days, we've talked a lot. I keep starting the conversation but I know it will eventually get better.

Update coming soon, life is changing about pretty soon.
We're already a bit further. I went to an event somewhere last week and got injured, sadly. One of the people I've been trying to befriend was there with me and took care of me after my injury. He's really giving off big brother vibes and it's great. I don't think I've ever had any kind of friend looking out for me during an event like he did.

There's another guy I've been trying to be better friends with and I'm glad to say it's working! Why do I say this? Actually, his girlfriend has been starting to send me cute gifs and messages about how cute I am and she sends me video's of him doing weird things. Okay, I get how this sounds like, and y'all gon' be like "oh she's just jealous and blah blah" - assure you, that's definitely not the case. They've known my SO for way longer than I have and they're just really great.

And lastly, I keep being amazed by the friend who phoned me for 30 minutes after I started crying about something stupid. He's a really interesting person and has become my study buddy whenever. If I get a panic attack, he'll make sure I start singing for a bit to regain control of my breathing.

And last but not least, my former boss has agreed to doing a quiz night with me. I've been asking him to hang out with me for such a long time now but I guess it's easier to invite him to something I know he likes. Exciting.

I've got my first friend-meeting with someone on Wednesday. We'll be back.
Hey y'all I'm BACK

Didn't go to that thing on wednesday, I had period pains. However I have a Christmas Party on friday. Uhm. We'll see.

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