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Bipolars Anonymous
So uuuuhh, i was diagnosed recently with Bipolar Affective Disorder. I am on medication but its very mild. I dont feel one way or another about it, just trying to manage it i guess.

Any bipolars out there? what are your experiences with it? or if not bipolar, what does it feel like to take pills that change how you feel and, in turn, how you think?
Phantimos, I'm often left wondering. I once did a self-diagnosis over the internet, and met the criteria of most of the list - severe mood swings, hopelessness, depression, anxiety, extreme giddiness etc.. My family tells me it doesn't necessarily have to be bipolar.

But I'm ever unsure. It'd make me feel better about being so quick to anger. One cannot judge somebody who suffers from a genuine mental illness for losing their temper from time to time.
'When the pack rejects their weakest member, he learns to adapt and to find his own way.  He is the lone wolf.'

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