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Lonely because of your principles
(12-26-2018, 10:55 PM)Amelia Wrote: Sorry, I didn't mean to open a can of worms with my comment Sad

I don't think that it was you that got all self-righteous Smile
(12-26-2018, 04:34 AM)mgill Wrote:
the question is since humans have no need of flesh, dairy or eggs to thrive and be healthy and it is instead a mere palette preference, how can we justify harming and killing other sentient beings for what amounts to a momentary taste sensation? is taste more important that the entire existence of a non-human animal?

Fact is, we designated some species to be used as food source, is what allowed us to evolve. You can survive without meat, and it's your choice to live without it. 

not too long ago the idea that some humans were designated to exist to benefit other humans was used to support slavery. 

even if the consumption of flesh was a factor in our evolution (and even this is now considered not to be correct-instead it was the cooking of food which allowed for increased caloric intake and increased brain function) that does not mean that we should still be doing it today.

it is always a choice to harm or kill someone but when there are victims involved the question should be are we justified in doing so?  it comes down to the Golden Rule-don't treat someone else, regardless of their species, in ways in which you yourself would never want to be treated. 

Humans require  B12 for healthy neurological function plus the full range of amino acids for brain development. That's only possible with a plant-based diets through fortification and varied sources of plant protein.  It's worth mentioning there are no traditional/ancient cultures that are vegan for this reason. 

It's not much of a choice if you were living in the developing world and the alternative is to let your infant die from irreversible neural damage or your children suffer brain stunting dietary deficiencies.

Going vegan is a good choice for people in the West, but it's not strictly 'natural' and only possible because of where we're at in terms of incomes and food choices available to us.
(12-26-2018, 10:55 PM)Amelia Wrote: I don't have any problems dating non-vegans, nor do I have any problems with meat consumption itself. What makes sense to me is for the wor
I'm on board with that. I pay a premium for organic, pasture-raised, small-farm animal products - meat and eggs.
I also refuse to eat farmed fish and will only consume wild-caught.
The eggs I buy are from a company called "Happy Eggs" that tells the story of how their chickens are raised on small farms completely free-range pasture-raised eating a totally natural diet.
The thought of animals being abused literally sickens me.
You know, being vegan isnt a principle, it's a choice in lifestyle. Plenty of ways you can help preserve animals besides not eating them ( whch besides of it, has practically zero impact on the number of animals slaughtered daily anyway. You'd need to blow up Cargill factories for that to happen).
Not harming animals is the principle here. Veganism is open to interpretation ( with crazy terrorists morons on both sides of the argument) but the principle of not harming animals isnt, I believe is different.
No offense to my friends the Bambi's mom lovers, of course ;-)
I don't know how PC it is for saying this...but I'm from a very anti-religious area, so I'll say it.

The ugliest, most undesirable people will probably eventually find a partner in a very close-knit religious community/organization - especially if they're very involved and go to the community's events several times a week.

In one such religious community, I don't think I ever saw anyone remain unmarried into their 40s. In my area, most people don't marry until their 30s, but it was common for people in this church (many locations in the world) to marry by their mid-20s.

I knew of an undesirable woman with a very plain face and boring personality. She did agonize over not being able to find a guy - though women were able to easily find guys if they were pretty involved in that church. But she did eventually manage, around her mid-40s, to marry a pretty good-looking guy, better looking than herself. They matched up pretty well in their bland and straight personalities. Their wedding registry was Bed Bath and Beyond, so that said a lot about what type of people they were.

So...I suggest that undesirables become closely involved in a religious organization - it's easy to get to know a lot of people there - especially if it has a lot of locations around the US and all over the world. I saw more differences in attractiveness level among couples in that church because they got to know each other as people/individuals, and didn't have to stop at superficial traits.

Tina Fey was once chubby and not as conventionally pretty. She met her husband at work - and he was very short - about 5'1" - a few inches shorter than she was. The thing he had going for him was that he was good-looking, had nice eyes, and seemed to be crazy smart/cool as she is. They seemed to jive very well as a couple, with similar interests and worldview.

My principle is that I'm not innately religious enough to spend that much time very seriously being in a religious organization.
(12-18-2018, 07:19 PM)Serenia Wrote: Do any of you find yourself lonely because of your principles?

I attempted to send this privately, Serenia but to no avail since you don't accpeted private messages. Pls see the attached .txt file for my reply.

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.txt   Aug. 2019 Reply to Serinia.txt (Size: 3.68 KB / Downloads: 162)
Hey Amelia

Have u tried vegan dating sites? Shy

There r lots of guys that won't judge u for having compassion, not drinking or jumping in bed right away. Men who won't date  u because u have compassion for animals, don't drink and don't put out right away r fucking morons and they can go fuck themselves. Big Grin
(12-18-2018, 07:19 PM)Serenia Wrote: Do any of you find yourself lonely because of your principles?

I am alone in my principles because I do not eat at restaurants, I prepare all of my own food at home, and I refuse to celebrate birthdays because the eternal now is all there ever is, was, or will be, and so therefore as past and future have no objective reality and only exist in the now, I choose to define myself as an ageless, eternal son of God instead.
I dont really have any principles besides not being a bad person

but I know I wont be so lonely if I wasnt so shy and unnexpresive, I dont like to party and the things I consider to be fun are considered "chill" for common people, if I could change that things would be more interesting but I really cant
(02-19-2020, 02:40 AM)HorseLatitudes Wrote: I dont really have any principles besides not being a bad person

but I know I wont be so lonely if I wasnt so shy and unnexpresive, I dont like to party and the things I consider to be fun are considered "chill" for common people, if I could change that things would be more interesting but I really cant

What does not being a bad person mean to you?
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