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What's going on with this man?
(12-27-2018, 09:30 PM)Joturbo Wrote: Maybe because myself and my wife both have experience of this when younger that I can see the obvious signs.Wonder if the other members of the group are a bit peeved that he's not spreading his attentions equally.Also it's a very uncomfortable situation to be in especially if she enjoys the atmosphere and doesn't want to leave the group.She shouldn't have to quietly confront the therapist which could open up a new can of worms anyway it's a pity when situations like this arise that there's no obvious solution.

I get really worked up about this because the problems it has caused with my wife being harassed like this in the work place,I even ended up having to take direct action when one of them took it too far.
You know, maybe he's doing his job, maybe he isnt. Remember though that a therapist is bound to his professional code of conduct and do you think he'd trash his reputation or entire career on account of infatuation over one patient?
By the by, he's your therapist. How come you're not telling HIM about this? Either he'll laugh a bit at the notion then go over why you feel that way when it wasn't his intention, or he'll tell you its the case and then consider finding another therapist to talk to instead. But he's kind of the right person to talk to. You can alwats talk about "this guy at work" and talk about him under that cover if you're too scared to ask him directly. But I'd definetely ask HIM instead of dealing in maybes.
I think the answer is obvious....

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