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I'm a sad, pathetic person who doesn't deserve a relationship
(01-11-2019, 11:02 AM)Jessicat Wrote: I saw a documentary about those dolls once. They were making it possible to have a small conversation with it. 
That is interesting and probably a good solution for some. 
And the relations between those men and that doll is fun to dive into and learn about too.

For a while in Japan, a lot of women executives were making a lot of money, but had no
time or desire to be married or even really date.

Simple.  Lots of young Japanese college age men needing cash. 
The women don't pay for sex. They pay for attention and flattery and being 
able to walk around with a handsome boy.  

In Japan, there is something of a widespread cultural fetish for everything to always be clean, and that is
fine except that things like antiseptic soap only end up breeding supergerms.

Inventive as they are, the Japanese invented quite a wide variety of male masturbation devices.
Sometimes called "ona cups".    You can purchase any sensation you want: virgin, anal, blowjob, whatever.

Yet these are fairly pricey, and here is the thing.  Once the Japanese man cums inside it, it is thrown
away.  No way to wash it out and use it again. Which is fine, if that is what they want.

As for the dolls, they will likely take at least 30 more years to work worth a damn.

You might enjoy the movie "Her" in which a man falls in love with the new software he installs on 
his computer.  It is a very very sad story.


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