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How do I blend in with friends who drink when I don't :(
A lot of my friends will go out once a while to drink at friends house or at a party or a bar and I want to know what I can do if I'm not drinking but want to disguise or pretend like I am without having to get drunk or not even have to drink. what are some good tricks I can do to pretend?
You shouldn't have to 'disguise' or 'pretend' - if you don't want to get drunk, then don't drink. Simple as that. A true friend will respect your decision not to drink without subjecting you to mockery or negative judgement.

If you really feel self-conscious about being the only one not drinking alcohol, then find out what your friends are drinking, and take some fizzy pop that looks similar - find an empty room, and pour your pop into one of their glasses. But, like I said, I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Happy partying Smile
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Either you are having a good time or you're not. Don't pretend. If you don't like being around them while they are drinking, don't go with them when they are drinking.

You can still have fun with them, even when they are drinking and you are sober. Where do they drink? If it's in a bar, there's usually pool or darts or something like that you can do. If it's somewhere else, try a card game like Cards Against Humanity. Find somehow to connect with them despite who is drinking what.
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Been there, if you are with friends who respect your decision then it shouldn't matter what you drink. Plus if you are the only one not drinking you are considered the designated driver and some places won't charge you. If you are around people who make it a big deal then they are people you don't want to be around.
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Okay thanks guys! I'll try.
Dear UpsideE23,
Thank you for sharing your concerns with us. I’m truly sorry that you are dealing with such difficult situation. These forums are great for sharing burdens, and venting. Even in the darkest moments in our lives there’s always hope. It is understandable the way what you feel. I think that its always within young people that drinking is a kind of ‘peer pressure’ in order to be accepted by others. I guess a couple of tricks for you is to instead of having pure alcoholic beverages is to have a coke, soft drink, ginger ale or water and hope they don’t ask what you’re drinking. But if they do, just try to change the conversation to something else or say that you’re the ‘designated driver’. Better yet, if you can just try to avoid such places and if you do go, just go early and then leave. If they are your friends they should accept you the way that you are and they should force you to drink something that you don’t want. I encourage you to evaluate why type of friends you would like to get along. Remember that you are valuable and worthy person worth fighting for. Sending you hugs. Hope this will help you. I will keep you in my prayers, my friend.
Hi UpsideE23 It will be easy to disguise yourself 20yrs down the line with a bit of makeup [Halloween style] go for the sunken cheeks, wasted, half crazed, bad skin, deathly pallor, baggy red eyed kind of look. Most heavy drinkers [including ex drinkers like myself] lose a few teeth as its a hazardous lifestyle- so blacking out a couple in front should do the trick  Big Grin
Seriously though just be yourself and hide nothing, this way you'll gravitate to where you should be and feel comfortable- best of luck  Big Grin

ps A bright intelligent demeaner may give you away to the fact you haven't pickled most of your brain cells.....this can be replicated by driving a rail road spike in your ear or watching a hundred consecutive episodes of 'Big Brother' Big Grin

Disclaimer- This advice is not given by a trained medical professional!
Don't pretend, that is a really unhealthy thing to do. If you aren't having fun then don't go out with them in the first place. 

Spend your time doing something constructive or entertaining.

The best way to have friends is not to try to have friends.
...I wish all topics were this easy... CHANGE FRIENDS.
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