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Hey guys I need encouragements. It's an emergency.
Hi guys,

I'm having a life crisis right now. I would love to hear some support from you guys. Thanks.
Ah, yes. Just imagine something that can really push you to the bottom, and say what you would say to yourself in that situation.
Perhaps, when that day comes to you, you can get back up.

Have a good daySmile.
Life is a beautiful thing friend, it’s amazing. But it also hurts and knocks you down. But the most amazing thing is that you can keep getting up. Get well friend!
We could be heroes, me and you...
Hi there, You can do it! Whatever it is that you are going through, you have our support!!
"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."
— Dr. Seuss

This song always makes me feel better.
Just remember to sing it out loud! ❤️
Sending you the best vibes and crossing my fingers for you. You will get through today, and everything will work out. Keep your head up.
"You are as you are until you are not"

[Image: CooperativeWigglyArieltoucan-max-1mb.gif]
At a minimum you'll survive this. You could also get stronger from it. You'll either prevail over the problems or you'll learn from them and know better next time.
Contentment comes from within.  Do not seek it from outside yourself.

I find 'Show must go on' by Queen very inspiring when I'm at a low point. (I put the link on, but it still didn't work). That song is all about how Freddie Mercury never gave up despite his illness - but it's still relevant.

Note: he was still awesome despite the song being performed six weeks before his death (that's why it's archived footage). Shows why the man deserved the title '80s rock legend'.
To quote a popular werewolf film - 'Everyone's cursed.  It's called life'
'I would love to hear some support from you guys.'

I am clapping my hands right now and screaming your name... was a joke...

Actually, you don't need encouragement.

Lets see...

You typed that message? Well, you have internet or have access to internet. I just checked: only 55% of people on Earth have access to internet. You ahead by 45% of people in that way. You can have access to just about any information. If you are in a crisis - you can look up the info on Youtube. If you are sad you can look at something funny. If you are bored you can watch a concert on Youtube etc...

Ok... What else? If you typed this, you are alive. Yes...I just checked: 6,316 people die each hour. Every hour that you live, you are stronger than 6,316. Each hour that you live, you have another at fixing what is not right.

If you typed this yourself - you are not paralyzed. In the US only, 2% of the population have some paralysis. If you were paralyzed - whatever is your problem now, it would seem very moot in comparison. Right now, you are able to go for a walk. But if you were could only think of going for a walk.

I know that if you have a toothache bad enough, a whole genocide is nothing but, for some reason, we tend to forget all we have. ...only to lose it...because we will lose it at some point. The strongest boxer ever...ages. The strongest weightlifter ever...his heart will stop beating at some point.

Smile, go outside, get a coffee among some people. Come back to this thread and tell us you are feeling better!!!!

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