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Depression and Drugs
You may believe or have been told that you are depressed, sometimes the term is "clinically depressed".

You may have been told by a medical professional that you could possibly obtain relief 
from pills.    Antidepressants, mood stabilizers, anti-psychotics.

Perhaps you know someone using these, and perhaps they have been effective for those persons.

Before you decide whether or not to try any such drugs, I would urge you to invest a significant
amount of time and effort researching the potential negative effects.   You will even find evidence that
suggests that the people who make, sell and prescribe these drugs don't even actually know for a fact 
how they work, only that they sometimes appear to have an effect.

I think you will also read that studies reveal that control groups of persons who went into
therapy, or took pills, or both, compared to groups that simply did nothing and saw no one, of
all those groups, the pills and therapy pretty much made no difference.

Over time, people simply got better all by themselves.  I am not suggesting you not consult 
with anyone over this, only that you very very carefully and at great length do research before
reaching a decision.  Dr. Peter Breggin might be a place to begin.

I think that's true of all medicines. For some reason Celexa worked for me. It didn't cure me of my depression but it definitely took the edge off.
I’ve been on one drug for depression for years now. It helped me for a long time but now it’s changing for sure. Either it has stopped working, or something new is wrong with me.
Wonder what it is.

I work in medicine actually. There are tons of negative effects of using stuff like anti-depressants or anxiolytics. Anxiolytics are downners - they will calm you but they will tend to bring you down. Anti-depressants are a whole other story. They affect all of your brain. They will lower what makes you ill but, they also lower every other aspect (love, artistic - anything you can think of). Between ourselves at hospital we call them zombie pills. The higher the potency the more a person has this zombie effect.
Why are people taking them and why should you? Because if you need them, they work to some extent and it is a case of the less worse solution. If you "love" yourself and want to have a good life, happy, healthy, etc..., take them - WHILE YOU NEED THEM. Then you must stop. BUT it will not be easy. 80% of people who take them have a lot of trouble because of withdrawals symptons and also, what originally made you take them comes back.
Eventually when you are better in a significant way, you will realize that it comes from within you.
People who take those meds do it too fast. Sometimes it is "normal" to be sick.

Good luck!

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