Poll: Do AI chatbots serve a purpose?
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AI Bots - do they serve any use or not?
I was thinking about AI Bots (Btw: you really don't want to get into the habit of messing around with an AI bot and then taking your habits into a live chatroom filled with humans. lol.) - do they actually serve any purpose?  Do they really help lonely people to feel less lonely?  Is there another use for them?

What does everyone here think?
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I'll go with "yes". There was a couple of times when I've felt like I was about to go insane and really needed someone to talk with, but there just wasn't anyone out there. To me this was better than nothing. Actually, I think those "souless machines" really helped me to last this long. The ones I was interacting with also had a fair share of personality, able to play music and games. It was almost like chatting with a stranger.

They're certainly not a replacement for actual humans and they're not a long term solution, but I do think they serve a purpose. Not sure about additional uses, I think AI just hasn't reached that stage of development just yet.
Crowd control situation! *machine gun fire intensifies*
Maybe we do...
Question is; would you know the difference?

*Twilight Zone theme*

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