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Is this possible?
A former friend put her laptop in its protective carrying case some months ago and propped it up on its edge between an armchair and a case in my house. I later moved the case and the laptop tipped onto its side still in its protective carry case.  I simply stood it on edge again and thought no more of it.  The friend took it home and then the next day told me it was broken and that a mutual friend had told her it couldn't be fixed.  I mentioned what had happened and she thinks it is my fault that it broke. It has now emerged that our mutual friend had said she could fix it, so I don't know what is going on.  Could such a simple thing as a laptop tipping over in its case break it?
If it did that wasn't a very good protective case. I've knocked around a few laptops in my day, normally they've slid off my bed or side table and hit the hardwood floor and never broke. I have a note book that has a removable keyboard to use it as a tablet, you'd think the screen would crack if it hit the floor, nope. Still in one piece and there isn't a mark on it to ever know it has fell over. I've knocked tablets off my bed onto the floor and they've never broke.

So to answer your question, no, can't see it.
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I don't see it either. I threw a laptop against a wall almost two years ago, and other than the screen being marked up, it still made it through the last two years.
It was just tipped over... Inside of a case even...
No, whatever is wrong with it is extremely unlikely to have been caused by that.
Thank you all for your replies. I don't think so either, not really, but she seems determined to be nasty about it
I suppose if it hits JUST RIGHT, it could cause issues. Like dropping your phone. You can do it a million times and it will be fine, but if it lands just right, bye bye phone. But simply tipping over? I doubt it. Maybe they should be more careful how they place it.
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I've dropped my laptop down a flight of stairs before and the only damage was to my foot. It sounds like this person is trying to free stuff out of you

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