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The Star that Beckoned Me
The Star that Beckoned Me
I chose one star in the night sky and it spoke to me
She said “hey there, if you follow me then I’ll lead you to your destiny
Just don’t let go of me no matter how many say not to go this way
Please don’t be led astray by other stars no matter how close they are
I promise it’ll be worth the journey
The things you’ll learn on your way to me
Will be worth more than any treasure your eyes can see
I have faith in you, will you have faith in me?”
And I answered “why, yes your majesty
I’ll tread lightly and carefully
if this you promise me, I pray the Almighty help me
twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder who you are
oh Jesus, zanier on an angel face <3
"From my mind to these pages
to another time and another reader's eyes,
it's amazing how I can speak to you
over time and distance.
That is the Beauty of Literature."

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