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I've been sick this week and slacking off
My dad brought home a cold from work.
Mom and I both got it now.
I stopped working out and doing physical therapy because I am miserable.
I also stopped doing my eye exercises and working on my other projects.

I feel guilty for not working but I also feel good having more free time.
I watched some YouTube videos about the stuff I have to do.
But that's it.
Now I am mostly just bored.

After we get better we'll be cleaning the house all day.
We also almost ran out of tissue paper.
I swear the garbage is half-full of Kleenex's.

I wish people didn't go to work or school sick and get everyone else sick too.
I usually go shopping with my dad on Saturday but I am not going this week.
I don't want to get a bunch of other people sick from sneezing or coughing all over the food.

I didn't get as sick as my parents so I guess that is a relief.
I don't know if it is because of my age or (mostly) healthy diet.

I hope I get better soon.
I don't know how to end my posts so here is the smiley of one hitting the other on the head.

Eight years working in a shop in the middle of a hospital filled with sick people, and I only ever had colds (I got sick once, but it was because of dodgy takeaway food). Then a month after my redundancy - when I hadn't been out of the house in weeks - I got a stomach bug. Heh. The only way vomiting bug could have gotten into our home was thru my mother - funny thing was, she never got sick! So it was a real mystery.

Hope you're getting better, anyways.
To quote a popular werewolf film - 'Everyone's cursed.  It's called life'
Well, I can relate to this. 2 months since a horrible tooth infection plays with me and the dentist, moving from tooth to tooth after it gives signs is gone. This past week was terrible so I simply put on hold work. Same like you I used the time to read, watch youtube, etc. You said that it was good to have your free time, well maybe this is the lesson here, if it felt good doing it then do it more often. I consider myself a hard working guy, but I always have at least one day a week where I dedicate it to myself. The cold will go away and life will get back to normal, as my mom used to say "a cold goes away within a week when you use medicines and in 7 days if you don't" Smile

Get better and carry on shopping. Hapciu! Smile
Thanks for the responses.
I think I'm better now.
I hurt my elbow though.
Anyway, back to work.

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