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Why do you play games?
I look at people talking about the games they love. Games that won so many awards and are talked about for years and years and are so influential to the games industry that they are taught in universities.

I do not like those games. I do not hate them but they never struck a chord with me, maybe because i didnt play them as a kid or teen.

I play games that stimulate my mind, games that require a lot of focus like for example "Killer 7", at the early stages anyway OR games that have an interesting story like "The Last Of Us", the ending anyway(Although that is a super famous game).

I dunno, i feel like since i played so many games i feel like i've seen it all at this this point. Games that come out these days, Games that have people super excited, just annoy me by how repetitive they are. For example, lately i've been seeing a lot of ads for "Jump Heroes Vs" or whatever its called. The game looks awful to me and it just seems to be another flash over substance kind of game. I dont even know why they bother having a story mode, i know they won't tell anything new. Just a bunch of lose connecting threads to justify the characters fighting against each other...should be called "Fanservice: The Game".

Hmmm......I guess a frequent movie goer would say the same about movies these days.
Phantimos Wrote:Hmmm......I guess a frequent movie goer would say the same about movies these days.
Pretty much.

I've been playing video games ever since I got my first Commodore in 1996, by now every story is basically something I've seen before just with different names.
It's actually super rare for me to play any modern game (sometimes I happen to stumble upon a decent indie), considering I'm not only "an old vet who has seen everything by now" but also because of how shallow, boring and easy most modern games are.
With the target audience being much younger and games being focused primarily on graphics, multiplayer and microtransactions, with a single player campaign slapped on as an afterthought, I really struggle to find something genuinely interesting to me.
So I went back in time instead. I guess I'm a retro gamer, because I'm having a blast replaying my old favies, or stuff that I've missed or was too young to appreciate at the time. It's kinda both sad and funny how a lot of them were really ahead of their time, held back by technical limitations, except those ideas ended up being never picked up again, despite all the progress we've made.

Why do I play games? I simply enjoy it, a lot. It used to be my escape mechanism that turned into actual passion over the years. I loved the interesting stories (which sadly got stale by now), I still love the beautiful 2D art, the amazing soundtracks that could blow any blockbuster movie out of the water and I love good gameplay mechanics.
I just prefer to do fun stuff, rather than watching someone else have all the fun (which is why I don't enjoy movies all that much).
Crowd control situation! *machine gun fire intensifies*
They serve as an escape for me. Plus, y'know, the pleasure they bring.
To quote a popular werewolf film - 'Everyone's cursed.  It's called life'
I'll go with the escapism reason. I recall once when I was feeling quite lonely, I started playing a few RPG games and as naff as it may sound it filled that 'social void' somewhat. Rather than just doing nothing and focusing on the feeling lonely.
Yes the characters aren't real, etc. But in terms of friends those characters were more relatable than any other so called real life friends.

That's why I prefer single player games for the most part. Stories and old virtual friendships / relationships (yes Garrus) you can go back to. Where as most MP games are there to just give that instant excitement fix. Not to mention in a year or two, the MP game your playing now won't be active.
Sometime, I play MP to vent, play for the sake of just cursing at teammates and hearing they cursed back.
Escapism....and the release of frustration and stress. One of my favourite games is the Fallout series. I find it highly satisfying to wander the Capital Wasteland and blow away a few Super Mutants or a Deathclaw...
Yes, same here. Escapism. 
Always found it easy to let my mind go into some other world. 
My mind craves that state cause finally it can relax and.. be free.
Doesn’t have to be games, it can be fantasies too.
Some escapism but more the fact that they engage my mind more actively than movies which I appreciate for two decades now.
Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I go...
[Image: d8mV4rP.gif]
Yup, escapism.
Happiness is a false God.
[Image: giphy.gif]

So gonna annoy the hell out of you while you kick diablo ass Phantimos. 😁

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