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Is it my mistake
Hi All

From childhood i am very shy. I am from lower middle class family and i always think myself not equal to others. I dont know how this feeling over the time got deeper in my mind. This made my self esteem very low. People takes life,job related decisions without any fear but i think pessimist way. For example when i think about going for interview i think like whether i know the things what they want, whether i my capable take new company responsibilities, whether i can handle their clients as my second language english is not good . 

i always think i m not good enough and this is deep in my mind. Now as I have family to take care and this think process is ruining my life. i am 30 and i m on my verge of loosing my current job and i think lyk i will not get a new job.

Please help me with your valuable suggestions
I think you are overestimating what other people think. The things that go through your head about interviews...if you can do it, etc etc....go through, I think most people's minds in the same situation. The only difference that might be there is that they, essentially, suck it up and do it anyway. If you honestly couldn't handle the job, it's unlikely you would have applied. Aside from that, how do you know you can't do it if you don't try? If they are willing to give you a chance, you sure as hell should be willing to give yourself a chance.

I'm sure you can get another job, even if you lose the one you have, but why do you think you might lose your job? Stop beating yourself up, I'm sure you have a lot to offer. If you got one job, you can get another. Keep your head up.
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Hey, buddy.

I was made redundant over the summer - I've had a Christmas position, but that ended one - two months ago. What helps me at interviews is reminding myself that the interviewer is just a human being who has been in my position. Confidence is important. But, of course, the most important thing is honesty.

But, hey, maybe it won't come to that? You could turn things around. If I can ask, what suggests that you'll lose your job? Is there perhaps something that you can do to prevent it from happening?
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