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I think my life is done
I don't think my life could get anyworse I have been homeless for I don't know how long I have been laid off and can't find a new one I maybe down to my last pennies before I have to borrow money from my brother again. even if I do get a job it seems like I have to get so much money I can't optain for a place, car, and the money I owe.
If you're out of any other options and he'll loan you some money then accept the loan and don't quit being alive, OK? You'll be in debt until further notice and you can't help that now, so keep your eye on the light at the end of the tunnel and keep on keepin' on.
Can you manage to keep clean enough? Get enough to eat? Wear clothes that aren't too dirty? Your health isn't on a downward trajectory is it? Try and stay sane enough or at least act like you are so you don't repel people away from you.
And don't quit. You live through this shit and get your act together you'll be a tough and capable dude afterwards.
Burn the past.  Turn the page, start a new chapter.  Move on.

Thanks for the advice my health is not so great I am almost over a cold I did have major cramps on the side of my abs which I think has gone away, but sometimes I get these headache s on the right eye I don't know if I get them because of stess or strong smells

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