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Dragon Balls Zzz
"From my mind to these pages
to another time and another reader's eyes,
it's amazing how I can speak to you
over time and distance.
That is the Beauty of Literature."
I think every male who grew up in the early late 90s and 2000s loved Dragonball at some point. Myself included.

The original Dragonball is a comedy homage to cheesy 70s Kung Fu movies, and there's something about Toriyama's designs that really spark a lighthearted fun-ness that just can't be matched. For example, he designed the characters in the game Chrono Trigger, and they based a lot of the story tone and everything based off those designs, which is why it's so charming. Guy just has a skill, even though I don't think he's really that great of a serious writer.
He even admits himself that he's much more of a lighthearted kind of guy, and it suits him best, which was mostly the tone of the original DB.

The fact it's still going on now is the worst though. Some people can't just get past their childhood obsessions, which is sad. I actually knew a guy years ago when he was over 30 and years older than me, and DBZ was still his security blanket. He'd always edit AMVs to it, and would buy each and every boxset 10 times over. Anything with his favorite logo, he'd buy.
And it's fanboys like him which is why things like Super exist.

Dragonball Super is by far the absolute worst anime series I have ever seen in my entire life. And I'm not exaggerating. It's literally a 13 year old's fanfiction from 2002 come to life. I'd legit give it a -100/10 if possible.

Shonen anime really is the worse, because it can't end and isn't allowed to. And you get fanboys who clamor for more. It's basically the Star Wars of anime. Not that deep, should've ended decades ago, and it's loved by people who never grow out of a tweenage level of interests.
My take on it anyway.
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