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Great informative video about loneliness

Everyone should watch this
Everyone will have different experiences as to why they experience loneliness and I think that one of the only ways to combat it successfully is to dissect both yourself for your behaviors as well as the behaviors of your social group/s.

As I said, everyone will have different experiences, in my experience that meant:

I'm ostracized for being an artist, struggling to survive but also struggling to be as sober as possible as often as possible and obtaining entirely from physically addictive narcotics. This perplexed me, until I began to dissect the group/s in which I am chronically surrounded by:

Often emotionally ignorant people (that is, lacking a stronger sense of emotional self-control) who've gotten mixed up in social situations with drugs, alcohol, and sex as a result of that social ignorance and lack of a temperament for a sense of self-control. Or in other words: I'm ostracized for doing the right things often out of jealousy from others for even finding the inner strength to do them in the first place...

The loneliest time in my life was when I spent a solid three full months in solitude, only socializing when I was at work and with one person on the phone. I had no internet, no cable, no television, was living on half a paycheck trying to pay bills to survive, often starving well over 3 days, and at the time pretty heavily drinking and on the rare occasion smoking weed to try to keep myself from going totally insane. It got pretty bad, I'm not gonna lie. I started hallucinating, commonly talking to myself out loud in my apartment which...stuck with me for probably another 2 or 3 years after that.

I think, over time, beneath the crushing weight of clinical depression so heavily that it can launch me into a catatonic state if I don't manage it right from a complete and total lack of eliciting an emotional response for about 2 months to my surroundings, and the stress for my own survival: That is, NOT starving, or waking up without simple things like shelter, food, and water (normal things that many people often take for granted) I've progressively...began to train out social skills from myself. This causes me an issue because when I get a new job, or meet new people, I have no way to relate to their toxicity of distractions as I've given up pop culture phenomena and most forms of non-educational media resources. Basically, if it's been popularized from 2012 to now, I quite likely haven't seen it, played it, or heard it UNLESS it's through small social circles who've informed me oorrr on the very rare occasion that I get a wild hair up my ass so-to-speak and curiously decide to give a new show or movie a watch. I don't recognize about 90% of the world's currently popular actors, actresses, directors, and pop artists and to a large degree I...don't really care to.

I'm an introverted INFJ artist and musician, so introspection is kind of the ultimate rabbit hole for me.  I became somewhat complacent with handling things myself out of a rather unfortunate algorithm with dealing with other people that often lead me to struggle harder than if I'd have just done it myself. So now, I'm an introverted INFJ artist, musician, and misanthrope. Different strokes for different folks, as they say. I don't like it, but it does (rather unfortunately) actually work for me for the most part. *shrug*
"Of Fire in Nature, Love in Spirit unkenned,
Life, hath no axle, no spring, and no End"

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