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Is anyone else here into Martial Arts?
I only ask because I started doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the start of this year and I am absolutely loving it. I've never known a sport to bring me to the point of exhaustion like this and yet I'm having so much fun it doesn't even bother me. My whole physique is changing for the better, I'm eating more than ever, I walk better than I used to because it's fixed my posture issues and I'm feeling a rise in self esteem. Aside from BJJ, I've only done a little bit of casual boxing with friends and did Karate when I was a small child (sucked at it and this is a million times more fun. Right now I'm fascinated in learning about the differences in Martial Arts and how they relate to each other. Studying MMA is really interesting for seeing how fighters combine different styles (I still don't think I have it in me to actually give it a try though). I ran into a dude I know today who says he's happy to give me some free Muai Thai training if I'm up for it so I might take him up on that in a couple of weeks maybe.

Is this an interest/passion for anyone else?
Cool, yeah I did some karate as a kid, and I took a haikido and two Tai kwondo classes in college, and now I've been going to a kick boxing class about every other week. It's a really good workout, we basically just work on different combos on the bag and there's a bag for everyone so there's no rest while waiting to use a limited number of bags. It's a lot of fun and a satisfying workout.
Sometimes I think it'd be cool to try MMA and fight another person, but I'd probably end up getting hurt sooner or later ( probably sooner lol)
so I think I'll just stick with the bags for now Smile
Im interested in Filipino martial arts and Shaolin Kung Fu.
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I’m about to earn my 3rd degree black belt in jujitsu soon. I been working hard and long. Just in case MMA people may want to visit me.
Hiya all!!!
When i visited India, to be exact Kerala, i came to know about their traditional martial arts which was called Kalari Payittu. I grew a fondness to that at the moment i saw the locals practicing it. I stayed there for 1 week and learned as much as i could. It was an awesome experience for me.
I did some Thai, but it was way too hard on my body for the age I was training at. Wonderful discipline tho, as is BJJ.
I am now in my late 50s. So far, from my opinion I think MMA & Muay Thai (kick boxing) is suitable in close contact combat. The rest of martial arts look good as a demo .... but when comes to close combat they get 'floored'.

My personal experiences:
1. I was trained in Shao Lin kung fu for 2 yrs when I was 10 yrs old. The training was basically to help me breath properly and developed better posture.
2. After seeing Bruce Lee, me and my pal discussed why his moves were effective. Basically he doesn't waste moves and each move is an attack.
3. I then changed/modified many of my Shao Lin moves to quick attack and build up my muscles.
4. Later I had two 1 v 1 fights in my teens. Both fights I floored opponents with one move (one with punch; the other with kick). I did not continue to thrash them when they fell. I walk over to them and offer my hand to help them up. I gave them a hug and said softly to them "friends". Hmmmm .... I have never seen them since.

5. One teen (rich kid) from my neighborhood and high school was into karate..... knew I had floored those 2 bullies from high school. We never speak to each other in school and met in our high school's fund raising dinner. We sat on same table and exchanged biz cards. He had a successful law practice and I was into community service. We became good friends and have coffee when we are in each other's neighborhood.

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