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Life is over?
I just turned 27(f)
I went through a period of depression, and have always been insecure. I dealt with mental abuse from alcoholic parents and older siblings. I have been living with my grand parents
My parents and siblings broke me and made me feel less than my whole life! 
Last two years I turned my depression into aggression. I worked 2 jobs for a solid two years. I was able to save $27k in 2 years. I did nothing but work to keep my mind off of myself. It was tough but I knew I needed the money to better my life!
Now that I have the money to move to Miami. I am looking to start a new life and be a bartender. 
However, i feel too old. I am a virgin and I am worried how to tell a guy. Guys tries to hit on me on the time but I am so insecure I have never new how to let anyone in. I am ready now!

Where do I start, can’t I just fake til I make it. Cause I’m not dumb and I’m very intelligent in life! But I just been broke for so long. 
I commend you for using your negative to become positive, too many go the wrong way after abuse.  I am proud of you!  You are not too old, 27 is young!  Many are waiting for relationships till they are close to 30.  It's not like it used to be.  I would say be you, be honest, don't fake anything, and the right one will come along when you aren't looking.   Just because you date someone doesn't mean you have to give yourself to them, wait for the special one you love who is committed to you and safe.  I would say, esp with your background, don't date a drinker, bar tending is a tough job, you see the best and worst in people.  Ask yourself why, being smart, you want to bar tend?  Is it that you like to help the broken?  Fix people?  Fix your past?  I know it's an easy way to make money, but there are others.  Do you have a degree or are you working on it?   Look for someone who shows self control and restraint or you might end up in an alcoholic marriage too.  That would be terrible! What about joining groups that are similar to your interests, passions and beliefs?  Then you could find at least good friends that are like you, rather than like your family.  Have you had counseling?  If you can't afford it, many churches offer it free. YOu sound like a careful person and that is good, take it slow, no need to rush.  =)  Get to know your new self and the person you are interested in.   Congrats, best to you!!  =)  <3
I'm a 28 year old guy with barely any sexual experience and even though I've got really supportive parents I relate to so much of what you've said so much. I feel like I'm finally coming into my own as a person but now my 20s are almost up and my mistakes from the past have still left me feeling quite scarred and bruised and it's easy for me to feel self-conscious around the opposite sex. I just have to do my best to keep clawing my way out of the hole I found myself in. I know that feeling of life seeming like it's already over all being over and you can't do anything about it so well.
It sounds like you got lots of good qualities and just need time to get started on your life. Keep working hard, reach for your goals. Somewhere inside there is a light that can carry you through pain and take you to the other side. 
Try opening up and reach for someone, there may just be someone waiting for you. Regarding not knowing how to let someone in: When you have come to the place of being ready for love, you need to choose to let that love enter you. That involves opening yourself up for hurt too. I made that choice a while ago, and it gave me an amazing man in my life. Take that leap of faith.

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