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Does "Dr. Pixel" look good?
When I came up with the nickname "Dr_Pixel" years ago, I didn't think how he could look like. Because I didn't want to be forever without an avatar, I created a "Dr_Pixel", also to show both of my art styles in action. Sadly the avatar resolution is a bit low, but you still can see that he is sometimes made up of pixels.

First, I created him in vector style. I tried to make his face look like mine, and he ended up looking a bit similar to me, but his face is too wide.

[Image: Dr_Pixel2_zps7n968kzs.png?t=1552416007]

Then I started to pixellate some parts. I'm proud of what I created, and it reminds me of the "Worlds" visuals by Porter Robinson, which motivated me to experiment with my art styles.

[Image: Dr_Pixel_zpsw0rapw2i.png?t=1552416010]
He looks fine, man. Nice art.
[Image: giphy.gif]
I like him. I think it's cool that you basically made up your own fresh character.

As for me, I had an idea for what a "ska fish" is, but someone beat me to the punch! Maybe I'll put it up sometime.
I'm not the only one with the name Dr. Pixel either. About 173,000,000 results in Google...

There are many other accounts on other websites with a diffrent variation of Dr_Pixel. There is a Dr. Mario clone called "Dr. Pixel: Pill mania classic". I 've just found out that there is a DR PIXEL on Twitter with an avatar via Google Images.
[Image: twitter_pixeltrooper_400x400.png]

If you want to practice some art, you can make a "ska fish" your own. It's a great way to show your artistic skills. It took me a whole day to make that image, but now I've always got a profile picture for every new Dr_Pixel. 

It's hard to come up with a very unique username, but I don't think it's that important to have a special one. As long as you like it it's a good username. And I think yours is unique enough. I would never confuse it with a different one here. If you have something like "PinkKittenLoverPrincess" it's still unique, but other people use these words often in their usernames, so you could confuse it.

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