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Does "Dr. Pixel" look good?
When I came up with the nickname "Dr_Pixel" years ago, I didn't think how he could look like. Because I didn't want to be forever without an avatar, I created a "Dr_Pixel", also to show both of my art styles in action. Sadly the avatar resolution is a bit low, but you still can see that he is sometimes made up of pixels.

First, I created him in vector style. I tried to make his face look like mine, and he ended up looking a bit similar to me, but his face is too wide.

[Image: Dr_Pixel2_zps7n968kzs.png?t=1552416007]

Then I started to pixellate some parts. I'm proud of what I created, and it reminds me of the "Worlds" visuals by Porter Robinson, which motivated me to experiment with my art styles.

[Image: Dr_Pixel_zpsw0rapw2i.png?t=1552416010]
He looks fine, man. Nice art.
[Image: 6ZrBSUC.gif]

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