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Hello , i am bored , i am depressed and i dont have any money
I won't have any money until i get a new job .

I am a student who is pursuing a commerce degree through distance education .

I have 5 more months to finish the course .

In the meanwhile i am a very depressed person .

I am also looking for a new job .

I have to get a new job after April 10th

I have to think positive .

Hello Tobakki3 O,

Am sorry to hear what you are doing through right now. I pray and hope you find a good job as soon as you finish your course. I know life without job and money can be challenging and can make you even feeling depressed since you still have to take care of your daily needs. Congrats in advance for completing your course. I know long distance studies takes lot of hard work. Great job done. I suggest you can start looking jobs at and LinkedIn since you are almost done. I want you to stay hopeful and positive since this condition is temporal.  Praying for you for jobs opening.
Good luck to you Tobakki3!
And hello to you, Ollyvie.
Burn the past.  Turn the page, start a new chapter.  Move on.


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