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I am a muslim , and i hate this religion
In this religion i am supposed to go to mosque 5 times a day

What kind of strange prayer system is that ?
Interesting, I thought you were only supposed to pray five times a day not go to mosque for every prayer? I'm not Muslim though, so I wouldn't know.
Yes i guess one can pray at home instead of going to mosque 5 times a day .

But how can one strictly follow prayers 5 times a  day

People have so many other things to do too .

God has promised paradise to those who follows prayers properly .

Does that mean you can only reach paradise by following these prayers 5 times a day .

This is so silly in my humble opinion .

This whole god thing feels so silly sometimes and i am surrounded by mosques in my area with loud speakers and all , all the time .

This does not make much sense 

This song makes more sense than most of these religious people these days

-THAT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE (Jonathan Hurley & Whitney Avalon)
Are you new to this Religion? It would seem that you would already be comfortable with the prayer system if you had been practicing all your life... Just saying?
"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."
— Dr. Seuss

Your objections to mandated prayers sounds like more than a matter of inconvenience.  If you're hating your religion and it's ritual mandates, perhaps it's time for you to assess how you've been raised and what you believe in. The reality is that most believers of one religion or another automatically adopt the faith of their parents without ever questioning its foundations or researching the alternatives.  A few of course become unbelievers or switch faiths as they leave the influence of their family, but that tends to result from a weak foundation of religious upbringing.  In most cases, people accept the religion that they're familiar with or reject all religion as wrong or bad.

I don't know your family background and upbringing of course, but it's fair to suspect that you're a Muslim because you were raised that way.  And as a Muslim, I expect you have preconceptions about the validity of your religion versus others. I also know that, like Christian cult religions, your teachers and scriptures would not support your questioning of Islam or the pursuit of truth in other religions.  But, ... you are obviously struggling with your faith, as well as your other worldy challenges.  I'm glad I found you here at this time and hope you might be receptive to some wise councel based upon my own experience.

Although I was raised by athiests, I was fortunate to have a father that respected my right to make an informed decision on the religious matter.  I was also fortunate to be introduced to a good, non-denominational community church that taught me the Christian faith, which I quickly and easily adopted.  It wasn't until 30 years later that a serious relationship with a Catholic girl caused me to investigate the differences between my Protestant beliefs and Catholic beliefs.  That was the beginning of my Christian apologetic studies, which progressed into studying all of the world's other major religions, along with the many Christian cults. The past 20+ years of this has certainly increased my knowledge about religion, but more importantly, it has led me to a strong foundation for my beliefs - a comfort in knowing that I believe in the right thing.

While it may be considered politically incorrect to hold one religion as right over another, any reasonable person studying the subject knows that it is impossible for all religions to be right.  There are huge, opposing beliefs among the various religions that differentiate them.  They are NOT all the same, and therefore some or all of them must be wrong.  I won't detail the years of study and conclusions I've drawn from studying various religions, including Islam.  But, I will highlight one major difference between Christianity and the others.  Christianty is a religion of relationship to God (the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), versus a sytem of man-made works, rules, or rituals.  In Christianity, you're saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, with behavioral changes or good works resulting afterwards as evidence of that genuine faith.  In other religions, like Islam or Catholicism, you need faith, but you also need to obey certain works or rituals all of your life to be saved.  This enslaves people to laws they're unable to keep and to churches that use their man-made laws to maintain power and control over the masses.  This unfortunately is what turns so many people off of all religion.

A Christian prays when, where, and how he wants - because he wants to, not because he has to. May I suggest that you use this troubling time of your life to reassess your core foundational belief system.  Perhaps Islam is not the right religion to be dedicating your life to.  If not, then a fair study might very well lead you to Christianity as it has for many other Muslims in the world today.  It's a loving relationship with your creator, Lord, and savior worth having and enjoying  - not begrudging.

I check this site just once a week, but have time to listen and share more with you if you desire.
Go to the friday prayer and reach out to someone, I think you would benefit from speaking to someone alone and getting some help with this. Why would you involve yourself in a religion if you speak about it like this?
There really aren't any religions that are perfect. Everyone has doubts.

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