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Hello There, New here
Hello Everyone! 

 I am new to this Forum. I am found this forum in my search online about loneliness. I am 35 year old female and I live North Carolina, USA.  I do not have horrible life but I am very introverted and have a hard time understanding  people. I hard time interacting with people. I am not sure if I like people altogether because I like being alone just not being lonely. 

I have a family but I leave in two different worlds. One world is in my head where everything is how I like it to be. Where all my interactions are perfect. My conversations and relationships all end up like I want them to be. I make things happen in my head and not reality, but the realization that these positive interactions are only in my head is where the loneliness comes from. It really is not that I am surround by bad people, they are good in their own way. I just can not communicate my needs and want in a way people in my life understand. When I do talk I am never really sure if they are even listening or anyone is listening. I am not perfect and am flawed but I like that about myself. I attracted to that uniqueness and imperfections of others, I am drawn to it. 

Well I guess that is my introduction.
It is challenging to understand others because everyone is different! If you share a common interest, then it is easier to get to know someone.  Have you ever tried joining a club? Volunteering is a great way to get involved in a project. I hope you can find some structured activities so you feel more comfortable around other people.
Can I just say.....YEA mohawk Storm!!!
Welcome ! 
I find myself in a very similar situation to yours.. 
I lead a decent professional life and most of my colleagues think well of me, I guess  Big Grin 
But I cannot connect emotionally with any of them ; it feels like I am from a different world..
my social life is a complete mess and I barely talk to ppl irl my profession.
Welcome Smile

Hello there. You are not alone.

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