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Does anyone speak French? or wants to learn German?
I've started learning French over a week ago, and I thought it might be a good idea to have a french speaking pen-pal.

You don't have to be a native speaker as long as your grammar is okay, so I can actually learn something. We don't have to talk only in French all the time. 
My French will probably a row of French words since I haven't learned a lot of grammar yet but I would be motivated to learn more if I could talk to someone.

Oh and of course this would work the other way around, so if you want to learn German I can help you with that.
I'm actually quite fond of German and got a rare opportunity to take it in high school, vs the usual Spanish or French only that everyone else gets. And I loved it.

Sadly, I don't think I was very good at language learning, and I've forgotten most of it, but I still know more German than the average Westerner at least.
[Image: giphy.gif]
Don't worry about that. I still can't speak any Latin or write grammatically correct sentences and this after years.
There is a motivating story, mentioned in the TED talk, about a guy who thought he didn't have the "language gene" because he couldn't speak 2 languages fluently after school. Then he tried to learn languages in his own way and he speaks now over 10 languages. I learned most of my English not in school, but in my free time. It's really all about input just think about how you learned English as a child.

I can recommend you a TED talk and a video from "What I've learned" about language learning. That motivated me to learn another language. Currently, I'm learning the 100 most common French words and I get already 80% right.

If you can speak one language fluently you have all that it takes to learn another language fluently.

Unfortunately I learned French and German years ago and now have forgotten most of them. Would like to go back to learning those languages soon after I tackle my exam. There is a native French instagram user who posted captions in both French and English. Some of TED talks also have French subtitles I think? Maybe after I become adequately decent in French, we can be pen-pals.

I saw a video/read a book that concluded that it is not about talent. Those language learners actually dedicate a lot their time to learn a language. So one of the main keys is dedication.
Welcome to this forum!

Subtitles are most effective when they are in the same languages as the spoken language. There are in fact some Ted talks in French but they don't have always subtitles in French. It's hard to find videos on YouTube with subtitles. But you can learn a language with reading and writing first and then focus more on listening and speaking.

In another thread, also related to language learning, somebody recommended a website called "Speaky". I've started to use it Yesterday and it makes a good impression. There are plenty of people online and you can search for people by their languages. I can recommend you to make contact with people who you also can learn something from otherwise you are just teaching people all the time something without learning much. You mostly chat there but I would prefer the pen-pal approach because you can take your time to write and understand your messages.

And you have to put some effort into it too, but when you start to understand another language by listening or reading subtitles in that language you can watch your series in it. You are probably already consuming a lot of media, but mostly in your native language. You could start to read your news from websites in other languages or watch your series in a different language. Then you don't need to invest a lot of time in it. With all the video games and YouTube channels in Englisch, I learned a lot of Englisch without actively trying to learn it.
I can speak some French and I work with some French people. I would love to learn with you.

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