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Do you believe in Guardian Angels.
I believe in guardian angels, one time there was a huge storm where I was camping at, and I took my friends to shelter but the people sharing our site hadn’t shown up yet. So I ran back but stopped when I heard a voice calling my name. I stopped for a moment, but if I had kept running, the spot where I would’ve been would been crushed by a downed tree.
We could be heroes, me and you...
No. I wish there were angels but this world is a hellhole.
Thanks Callie ...yeah everyone should feel free to post on here.

Thanks Toasty one your experience sounds so simalar to mine as though someone watching over you keeping you safe.Ahsatan likewise thanks.
You post an intriguing topic Joturbo.  Obviously, you favor the belief in guardian angels but are seeking some validation from others - which, to no surprise, has been mixed. Of course a person's world view (or presuppositions) will dictate their conclusions on this subject.  An athiest, naturalist, or materialist will reject all spiritual beings and attribute all apparent supernatural events as coincidence - regardless of the amount of evidence.  How sad, since the scientific and philosophical evidence for a supernatural creator of this universe, world, and all life as we know it is overwhelming.
If there is a supernatural force (ie: god) that created this universe and life within it, then it seems most  likely that he/it would have done so for a purpose.  And that purpose appears to center around our very unique planet and the people that inhabit it.  Is it not reasonable then to expect such a god to care about his creation?  Would he really create such an amazing universe and world for us, only to abandon or ignore us afterwards?  I'd suggest not.  There is logical reason to believe that any supernatural being or god watching over this world would have cause to intervene at times in any number of possible ways.  This is called divine interaction and is consistent with several of the world's religions and majority of people's beliefs.

So, does divine interaction include the presence and involvement of angels?  Many people would guess, but I'd propose that there's a definitive source of answers - the Holy Bible.  Why this book over all others?  Because it's the only one with specific, historically proven, fulfilled prophesy - meaning, it's author is beyond time and space, and therefore must be divine in nature.  It also is supported by significant historical and archaeological evidence, scientific insight, hidden codes, textual criticism, and unprecedented manuscript authority.  There's a reason why it's the most published and read book in human history.  And there's an abundance of reasons why we should believe the words in it, including the supernatural incidents found within the pages of both the old and new testaments.

The Bible has several stories describing the presence of angels and their interaction with people in various ways.  As a Bible believing Christian, I completely accept these past incidents.  But I also know that God loves us, watches over us, and protects us at times.  We can't know for sure how and when he intervenes today, or if he does this directly (as the father), through Jesus, or through angels.  But, the number of ongoing claimed personal experiences with angels and documented miracles provides strong evidence that divine interaction remains active in the world.

I have had an unusually interesting and blessed life of adventurous outdoor trips, exciting law enforcement work, and dozens of dangerous situations that left me unscathed. Out of many near death experiences, a few go beyond coincidence in my view - like the night I had a head on with a motorcyclist.  With a combined vehicle speed of 120mph, the rider exploded into 3 parts when he hit my truck windshield directly above the steering wheel, busting through the window. The inward shattered glass and physical evidence showed that the largest body part should have hit and killed me, but it seemingly defied the laws of physics by entering the truck interior cabin, reversing direction, then exiting the truck interior.  Did it bounce off of my inflated air bag to do this? Not likely, given the tremendous forces involved.  I contribute this to divine intervention, with many prayers of thanks given to the Lord for protecting me that night.  I've actually had 3 experiences similar to yours when crossing streets overseas, where wrong way traffic is prevalent.  Once, I stepped directly out into the path of a motorcycle but had it seemingly pass right through me without hitting me.  A second time, I paused for unknown reasons right in the middle of a stride while crossing a street.  I never saw the truck that missed my face by 6 inches until too late.  That inexplicable, unnatural pause spared me serious injury.  A third time I was saved from likely death by a girl who was with me.  After waiting a long time at a complicated 5 way intersection of a busy street in Bangkok, I stepped out to cross.  But before I could take my second step, her hand grabbed the back of my shirt and literally yanked me backwards.  At that moment a large bus came flying by, just 1 foot away. I would have been terribly injured or killed for sure if she hadn't have made that move.  And yet, it doesn't seem likely that she alone could have been so observant, timely, and physically capable of executing such a critical move on my behalf.  I suspect that either the Lord or an angel used her to intervene.  In all these cases, whether coincidence or supernatural intervention, I gave many thanks to the Lord for his protection.

No one knows whether we each have our own personal guardian angel, but believing in the overall presence and intervention of angels, as well as the Lord, is easy for a Christian.  The Bible teaches that they were real in times past, and there's incidents today supporting their continued existance and intervention. The important thing to recognize is that they're just servants (most to God but some to Satan); our attention and any prayers of thanks should be directed to God alone.  The angels will concur with that.

And now, here's the nicest song I've ever heard on the subject. Though it doesn't describe our heavenly helpers, it teaches us to act like them here on earth.  I hope you like it.
Over a year ago we had a thread on the supernatural and spiritualism going on where we discussed similar events. I'm still an atheist/materialist and it's difficult to discount someone's personal experience which I never actively tried to do but I did provide alternative scenarios to a perceived divine intervention or a guardian angel's presence where it was possible to me. I never had any experience of that kind but I know people who did.

I've actually heard a voice calling my name before but it was never in combination with any life-threatening event - in fact, it was always in asinine situations like sitting at home in front of my computer or doing dishes. I also had multiple deja-vus in my life but I never attributed it to anything but a glitch in the consciousness/memory in the same way that we see faces in our environment because we are wired to recognize patterns.

PS: I think the reason why the Bible is the most published book in history is because it was deliberately mass-printed after the inception of the printing press with movable metal type in Europe. It was a bestseller, but recently I learned what was also a bestseller: The Malleus Maleficarum. The most popular ideas at a time aren't always the best, let alone the correct ones.
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Well, I believe in God and I know he uses his angels to do his work sometimes, so yes I believe in them.
I cant say that I believe in guardian angels, never had any experience with them, nor anyone I know.... But, some of the stories told on this thread certainly make you think......
"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."
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Yes,  PSALMS 34:7 The angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them. 

God is always watching and listening. Nothing escapes him. Jesus said not a sparrow falls from the sky without him knowing it.

I can not tell you how many times Jesus has saved my life. Praise God in Jesus name.
Don't expect any Amens on this website for your religious statements cali-rain, but you sure have one from me.  May the Lord continue to watch over and protect us via himself or directed angels.  There's definate peace to be found in one's mind and heart, knowing that the all powerful creator of the universe is with you.  I can't imagine trying to make it through this life without him as an ally.
If there was, they sure as hell dropped the ball enough way too often to warrant any kind of thanks.

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