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How do people know that I am a loner?
(04-07-2019, 12:32 AM)redbeard 44 Wrote: I often wonder if people know or not.  I mean they all know I'm divorced with no kids and live alone.  They might think I have friends because I talk about fantasy football and can be engaging and sunny at work at times, but there are times when I sit in my cubicle all day and no one says a word to me, like they know.  What they don't know is that my weekends are 2 days of desperately trying to kill time until work Monday morning.  Yes, I actually look forward to Monday mornings because at least I'll be around someone who at least knows my name.  They don't know I have a routine M-F after work that keeps me occupied enough to not dwell on the silence.  That's the worst part about loneliness, the silence.  They might think I'm a loner, but they'll never know what that entails.

You still lived a better life than me.

You got the chance to experience marriage.
I have nothing.

I never had a friend in my whole entire life. My social skills sucks, I don't know typical social norms, and I am naive.

This is just an assumption. I assume because of my social skills people know that I am a loser.

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