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Have you tried anything besides posting here to combat your loneliness?
I go to coffee shops with my laptop and talk to people. Offering to buy someone a coffee is a great way to start a conversation.
I think if someone comes here or any forum just for the prospect of 'not being alone' because there are literally other bodies around, they're doing themselves a tremendous disservice. And it's a temporary fix as well.

I'd like to hope that this place is just one of many different things people are trying, but they'll have to post themselves for us to find out for sure.

I actually left last year for a long time because honestly the forum didn't really do much to help me out or stimulate me, nor was the only real activity something that interested me to any sort of lasting level, and only came back after some turbulent for another reason.
Honestly, I probably wouldn't have stayed very long either if I wasn't waiting for something.
[Image: giphy.gif]
I'd say I'm looking for coping mechanisms for relieving depression rather than really trying to connect with new people. Loneliness feeds and reinforces depression and both have been bad lately. It's hard to do one's job let alone do extra work to try to connect with folks.

I've a job where I actually live where I work, so technically I don't ever have to go anywhere.

The advice I tell myself is try to be more active, go out and be somewhere new and different.

I try to do Yoga with Adrienne every day on youtube.
I meditate for half an hour every night.

Next step would probably be a yoga class as there are many near by.

There are charities also I could try to become a part of. Any effort to do other than one normally does is a step in the right direction (for folks like me I guess).
I tried other things before and it usually wasn’t successful. So now I just goto work and come home.
I've done some meetups with I never made any lasting connections, but it helped me to get out and socialize and I got to go on some cool out door/ hiking excursions.

Other than I just try to keep myself busy, with going to the gym, going for walks, reading or doing sudoku, trying to play the guitar and stuff like that.
Focusing hard on building a career in music composition for video games, my band and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I am spending a bit too much time playing Town of Salem and not enough time reading though. I'm hoping if I keep focusing on these positive things I will draw the right people to me.
Chat rooms, video chat rooms, other forums, and talking to people I work with. That's kind of the gist of it and about as far as I'm able to stretch myself socially. It's lead me to the conclusion that I'm just labored with being the socially awkward dude. I can handle that, that's okay, but it just makes me less inclined to try expanding myself socially. Despite my misanthropy, I actually try. I just....have a difficult time connecting as much of what's common these days for ice breaker types of conversations I have little to no knowledge on whatsoever. UNLESS I'm the right level of buzzed after a couple of drinks. Then I'll be very socially open and directly honest and sincere....If I hit the right level with it I'll just be like "Okay, real shit time..." on a very casual level because I experience most of life from a rather sincere standpoint which I think is part of the problem that I have to begin with: I take things quite seriously unless forwardly expressed that it's meant with humor. The great irony of that being that I do have a small list of stand-up comics I absolutely adore because laughter is therapeutic and healthy.
"Of Fire in Nature, Love in Spirit unkenned,
Life, hath no axle, no spring, and no End"
escapism in all its forms
There's so many things that I've tried Smile
I've taken up biking. It's the only thing that'll get me out of my apartment and it makes me feel better about myself. I've lost a lot of weight doing it, but the weight loss hasn't really changed much about my situation. I'll always be that fat loser in my head. But when I'm biking I don't think of that sh*t. I'm thinking about the path directly in front of me and the scenery. It's my one good escape.
It would all be hysterical... if it wasn't so f&cking sad

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