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Levels of Loneliness
Im trying to think of examples which would highlight the depths of loneliness.

Ok so say on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being extremely lonely, 1 being not lonely. Where would you rate yourself?

examples of 10?
I remember hearing a story about a guy who died a slow death of lung cancer in Thailand. He hardly had enough money for treatment. No family or friends. He also had liver disease from alcoholism. No money to fly home to America. Aged about 60 I think. An atheist. Nothing to look forward to after death.
That's a sad story of loneliness. A rating of 10 in my book. A decadent life ending that way is tragic. Im not being judgemental. im just saying that is awful loneliness. Alcoholism is one of the loneliest ways to live and die. 

Id rate myself a 3 or 4. Not saying that proudly. Just I have a lot of room for improvement. My loneliness is a result of the choices I make. I need to tweak a few things. one of them being more tolerant of others. There is still a hint of self pity in me that is kind of ugly. If I am called by God to share some spiritual loneliness that is ok. He might put me in situations with cynical atheists or Christians who view God differently to me. In that regard I don't need to ever aim for complete freedom from loneliness.
I would say I'm on the lower end of the scale. I won't put a number to it because I honestly have no idea what I would say. I don't feel the pang of loneliness very often though.

Here's a thread that offers a quiz on loneliness levels. I just took it and scored an 18. Back in 2014, I scored a 26, so things have definitely improved for me.
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