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Doctor said I have a hernia.
I went to the doctor today and got looked at.
He said I have a hernia.
It is minor but have to see a surgeon.

I really don't want to have surgery.
I've heard nothing but bad things from people who have had it.
Pain for the rest of my life.
Worse than I was before.

I already fucked up my life enough.
I can't deal with what I already have.
I don't know if I can handle more problems.

I know people have worse problems than me.
And that worrying will get me nowhere.
But that doesn't stop me from feeling like that.

I found some yoga videos on YouTube about the specific problem I have.
I will try that the next few weeks and see if it helps.
I really hope it does.
At least you're trying to make progress and feel better, rather than dwell on it. That's a good mindset.
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If it was me with the hernia I think surgery would be my first option. Afterwards I might follow a yoga practice and build up resiliency and strength in the affected body tissues.
Best of luck to you WL!
Contentment comes from within.  Do not seek it from outside yourself.

i had an iguinal hernia operation several years ago. dont worry. you will be fine.
I know a lot of people who have had hernia surgery and everything went very well with the surgery.
If I'm not mistaken, the pain after comes from either doing too much too soon or the doctor hitting a muscle/nerve/whatnot during the surgery. Just make sure you do your research on the doctor and find a good one. Travel if you have to so that you are comfortable with your choice of surgeon.
Did you tell your doctor the concerns you have with the surgery? Did your doctor tell you the risks of not having the surgery?
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I have one in my stomach - I manage it with over-the-counter stuff. I consider it to be quite minor, and not worth a massive operation. I imagine yours is somewhere else.
To quote a popular werewolf film - 'Everyone's cursed.  It's called life'
So sorry. Hope everything goes ok. Pain is a nightmare. I have it and I am s depressed!
First off thank you for the responses. 
I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner.

I went to the doctor today and he said I didn't have a hernia.
He also said I probably don't need surgery for my other problem.

Again thank you for the responses.
I'm glad people care enough to make them.

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