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Major overhaul
The technology on this forum is poor. Feels old fashioned. If you want more visitors and members you need to upgrade. post are hard to read. the reply system to a post system is confusing and also hard to read.
The creator of this forum is bjarne and he isn't very active as it says in his bio:

Quote:I originally created this site as a "spin-off" from the popular "I am lonely"-topic on my other forum: :
To give a more focussed and clean place where lonely people, or people just interested in supporting other people can breathe and socialize online.

I am not really strong at moderating nor am I very fierce/hard on members. I must rely on other people to help me with that. I am however, strong on all the technical parts on running this site.

My time is usually quite limited, which is why I must prioritise what things I do.

At least that is what I've found out. I guess I could make a forum like this. I know quite some stuff about programming, but I want to do other stuff instead. (I guess that's a programmer thing). Also, it would take a lot of time to maintain a forum. I'm glad that this place exists and I can live with the outdated technology.
The posts are not hard to read or reply to, this forum is perfectly fine and very similar to a lot of forums on the internet.
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you are entitled to your inferior opinion
You are very disrespectful to this forum and it's members. Hope you enjoy your time off although it probably should be permanent because I have the feeling you aren't supposed to be here anyway.

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