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Are you a writer? Tell me about your writing.
I love to write and lately, I've been in a sort of poetic mood. I tend to write poetry when I've got heavy emotional things going on that I need to get out. Apart from that, I write fiction. To say my genre is urban fantasy or romance/erotica is only half the story. Relationships, in all their good, bad and ugly, is what I really write about. It's kind of ironic seeing as how currently I'm not in a relationship, but I like to explore relationships in stories and make them less about happily ever afters and more about life experiences one has. (I very much believe the saying people come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime- my focus is on the reason/season).  

Tell me about what you write.
You don't have to actually be living what you write; so what if you're not in a relationship if you like to write about them? Obviously it's an interest or want of yours, but I don't see why that detail particularly matters.

I actually prefer writing as my medium of choice. Simply because I love to write, can do it quickly, and I have zero artistic talent whatsoever. So thus, the only real way to bring my ideas to life (that cannot exist physically, IE, to build) is to write them.

I actually really enjoy parody the most of all. And I'm not talking about modern day parody, where the "jokes" are references; I mean literally twisting a genre or thing into a completely new thing and riding that line between absurd and even borderline serious.
Think something along the line of the film "Airplane!" from 1980. That's the quintessential parody movie of both particular films of the time, like Airport, but just that disaster genre in general.

I'm generally a modifier by nature, so it seems parody was a natural fit with me. And even though I usually prefer very dark and serious tones in my fiction, I am also very fond of character driven comedy too. In fact, for me, that is something that literally never gets old to me, ever.

I feel parody best allows me to fully capture everything I love.
[Image: giphy.gif]
I’m sporadically working on my own “magnum opus” of sorts. A bit ambitious. It’s to be a collage of fragments, aphorisms, reflections, all stream-lined into (in)digestible prose-poetry. A fictional diary of madness.

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