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Greatest Passive Aggressive Note Ever, Attempt #2
Listening to your snoring 
late at night is never boring
after we've made love

I hear the moments
when your throat collapses
and no air navigates the passages
but it never quite lasts long enough

Lying next to you

Oh I'm lying next to my lover
as she steals all of the covers
as she farts and whispers out some 
others name

But at least I don't get lonely
as sleep deprivation robs my sanity
and while you sleep I play my evil
little games

Like tickling your lower lip
or slightly kneeing you in your bad hip
and sticking your greasy smelly sweaty hair
in your own mouth

Honey if I have to lie here and suffer
Than I promise you will suffer too
And isn't that what our love
affair is all about?

Lying next to you.

Someday when I have gas money
and smokes and have some other place to be
You will wake up without my company
I'll be long gone.

But until then we make love and then I 
go through my depravity
And do not fear you will be lonely
You will wake up with your cat that scratched me.......

I can't ruin the surprise of why he will be

lying next to you.

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