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Loneliness - Cause, Effect, and Solution for a Select Group of People
(04-28-2019, 06:20 AM)kaetic Wrote:
(04-24-2019, 11:02 AM)AlertChristians Wrote:
(04-08-2019, 11:49 AM)AlertChristians Wrote: People live separated and often around those who are not their own kind (type). Plus, there often is a lack of free, safe, and easily accessible places to associate, socialize, and work together on common goals. Collectively, this is a major "cause" of loneliness, with loneliness being the "effect".

The "solution"...
This no longer will be a problem for a select group of people, who are not specified here in order to comply with rules of this forum at This select group will physically live around their own kind (type) in pleasant living conditions. And, they will have free and safe 24 hour use of easily accessible common areas, indoors and outdoors. They will voluntarily agree to live carefully guided lives, loving each other with a selfless love, all with the same heart and mind, and in one accord. 


I write about the cause, effect and solution for loneliness. And not one member at A Lonely Life addresses my original post, but instead members post a rash of OFF TOPIC character assassination posts.

Isn't there anyone here interested in discussing loneliness - the cause, effect, and solution?

character assassination posts? I might have gotten a little rude with empatsu, and we took care of it elsewhere, but everyone who bothered to post on any of your threads is taking time out of their lives to try and understand what you're talking about. You have to admit, at the very least, it sounds unusual.

I have to say this, and I hope I don't upset you. But you think god is talking to you. You think that supernatural creatures are causing every illness, and trying to "tempt" you on the bus. You think that random people doing everyday things are secretly plotting against you... I'm worried because you don't seem to recognize how bizarre this all sounds. If I thought god were talking to me, my first thought would be "I've finally lost it." Have you never had a moment where you thought this was all crazy?

The topic of the thread is regarding a select group of people. You post as though you don't want to be included, and so perhaps you won't be.
Is that supposed to be a threat? I suppose to you it is...
No, you don't need to include me in your "select group".
But, I hope you really do seek out help.

Btw, your signature is childish and rude... posting a members name along with the date you ignored them... it's completely unnecessary.

Do you want to know why people aren't going to flock to your little cult/commune/group idea?
Because you're the one picking who is worthy. You're the one saying what the rules are. Anyone has an argument? Tough luck. Because you're the only one who thinks "God" is talking to him. It won't be a group sharing ideas and living freely, it will be your little dictatorship.
"Ignore List:
- TheRealCallie . 4.27.2019 "

ha ha... ohh burn.
Yes, excuse me while I go cry to my gnomes. I'm so heartbroken.
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