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If your your an average guy, things suck, and theres nothing you can do
We live in a society where women have been built up and men relentlessly torn down. It's gotten so bad women have essentially become untouchable. If they are 300lbs or post provocative pictures of themselves on social media society is not allowed to question them. Instead they are told to accept them.  Meanwhile a guy with a 'dad bod'  is mercilessly trashed. This has led to a spoiled princess syndrome where most women believe they are equal to or better then men at everything.  In their mind this makes men disposable.

  Naturally women still desire a degree of male validation but that can easily be found on social media.  This leaves men seeking female validation from women who are his physical and social equal.  But he can't get it because those women get their validation online and don't need to get it from him.

  This has given rise to the bitter incel community which is at historic highs.  The common criticism of incels is that these men think they are entitled to sex.  Common critiques are for these men to improve themselves and stop whining.  Such responses are typical misandry you see on a daily basis.  When men have problems, they are simply told to shut up and pull ther boot straps up and deal with it.  

Think for a second that an incel has to endure.  He's constantly told by society and media what a loser he is for not having a girlfriend or sex, not to mention his natural tendencies for wanting love from the opposite sex.  So a significant portion of his self worth is tied up with female validation.   When women, even those equal to him in status and physical looks ignore him because they get their validation from social media, this can be devastating.  It's like an eco system that has been thrown out of balance and because men, not women are getting the raw deal nobody cares.

Women wonder where all the good men have gone when in reality they've set their expectations too high.  They believe, due to the negative portrayal of men in the media and entertainment, and the inflation of their ego by feminism, that they deserve more then they really do.  This leads them to frustration when they can't secure a Chad and only have normies and incels as legitimate options.  This leads the princess to ponder where all the good men went.  

Sometime after 30 when the wall starts to take effect they suddenly find Chads won't even hook up with them for one night.  At this point they either keep up profiles on tinder etc for a steady flow of male validation with no intention of every legitimately responding to the normies and incels, or they become cat ladies because they feel no man is good enough for them.  

As an average guy I wish I could ignore my desire for female validation.  But I can't.  It's in my DNA and constantly being shamed by society and the media for being single and a virgin makes it worse.  

And there's nothing anyone can do about it
Well...I don't get any validation from social media because I'm not on it. I think men expect women to look a certain way because of social media, but we don't look like that. Sorry you fell that men are having a hard time, but I think that is illogical. We are all having a hard time.
Maybe you could try not thinking you know what women want and think and stop generalizing. That's something you could do....
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Another live one, I see. You need to change your mindset.

The issue is you, not women. Convincing yourself of this conspiracy and being around others who propagate that notion has and will continue to do nothing for you.

I mean, the fact that you're an incel sympathizer...... that about says it all. And I think you're one of them considering you also spam the word "Chad" and "Stacy"; it's literally the only words that enter your brains all day long.

Get away from them and their idiocy. That is the only hope for you, and even then, it's probably too late. You're already buried too deep, I fear.
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Are you aware that men and women are not that different? We get shamed for being single and not having sex too.
(04-12-2019, 06:39 AM)Bluesunshineday Wrote: Are you aware that men and women are not that different? We get shamed for being single and not having sex too.

Sadly, this is one thing they will never understand. Women might as well be alien lifeforms to them.

You'll notice they use two words again and again: "Stacy" and "Chad"

Chad: Every guy who can get women (IE, not them)
Stacy: Every woman, and they ALL can't get enough of being used/abused/fucked by "Chad", and hate the normal 99% of "nice guys" like them.

IE, total nonsense bullshit.
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This is so scary to me...this attitude.

Can we educate and help??

I hope so...
If people don't want to change their way of thinking, they won't change regardless of whether you try to intervene or educate or whatever.  
Some people just look to blame others because that's easier than looking at their own issues/faults.
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you're right
10 years ago they were called "loveshy", and now it's "incel" (it's literally the dumbest word ever created, if you don't know its meaning: "Involuntarily celibate") and have all found one another thanks to the internet and live in their echo chambers, further reinforcing the notion.

The last thing they needed was to be around more bitter men who only seek to blame women, but once you drink their Kool-Aid, it's pretty much too late. These guys make it their defining trait and don't want to do the work (IE, self-improvement, introspection, not blaming others) that would actually fix their issues.

They bitch and moan loudly, but are the true minority; and at least we know they're the last of their generation and there won't be more of them, at least from their bloodlines.

Not a bad outcome, honestly.
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